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Experiences with Beacons

Amazing In-Store Experiences with Beacons

Enhanced shopping experience? Personalized messages on the spot (literally)? Indoor navigation? Yes, beacons can make it happen! What are they? Beacons are small and relatively cheap devices, which can be easily placed anywhere inside a physical space. By using Bluetooth 4.0, beacons detect customer mobile phones and tablets in a range of up to 70 […]

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The Power of Loyalty: Transforming Irregular Shoppers into Loyal Customers

Contemporary customers are becoming increasingly demanding. Businesses are constantly competing with one another to gain new customers, retain existing ones and build long lasting customer relationships. According to Deloitte, business who invest in customer loyalty are 88% more profitable than their competitors. But in order to be effective, loyalty programs need to be customized according […]

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Hotel and Tourism Loyalty Programs

In the highly competitive hospitality industry, many hotels and travel operators are implementing customer loyalty programs to encourage longer stays, attract new customers and retain existing ones. Despite significant saturation in the market, there are still plenty of opportunities for differentiation.  In fact, loyalty programs are claimed to be one of the most important reasons […]

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Loyalty Programs – the Next Big Thing in Shopping Malls?

Loyalty programs are highly adopted in most industries. We all have seen excellent examples across travel and hospitality, restaurants and dining, supermarkets, entertainment and even banks. In the shopping center industry, the concept of loyalty programs is still relatively new. Loyalty programs are highly adopted in most industries. We all have seen excellent examples across […]

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6 Characteristics of Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty rewards are one of the most crucial components of customer loyalty programs. In order to meet customer expectations and drive high levels of engagement, loyalty rewards should have the following characteristics: Flexibility: good loyalty rewards must be flexible enough to cope with both changes loyalty program scale and customer preferences. Rewards should both stimulate […]

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4 Ways to Boost Customer Engagement

Having good customer engagement is one of the most critical success factors for every business. If you get your customers engaged with your business, you are most likely to decrease churn rate, generate more revenue with cross and upsales, collect feedback on existing products and effectively communicate new products and services.   Here are a […]

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Loyalty Strategies: How to Drive Redemptions and Engagement

A loyalty program’s reward strategy is vital for success and has a great influence on customer behaviour and engagement. A poorly designed reward strategy can lead to low participation rates and even irritation among program members. Some of the most critical mistakes include little or no excitement value of rewards, not enough variety, lack of […]

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The Power of Mobile Loyalty Marketing

Mobile loyalty is becoming the new competitive battleground. More and more companies are utilizing mobile loyalty strategy to combine multi-channel promotions, location and analytics. According to loyalty experts, the biggest return on mobile comes from increased customer loyalty and personalization. If you provide real value and incentives in exchange for customer time, you will most […]

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Great Customer Experience Can Beat Brand Giants

Now more than ever, customers are looking for great shopping experiences that go far beyond traditional shopping. By combining good customer service with more compelling and targeted marketing approach, smaller brands can win customer hearts and gain a competitive advantage. Retargeting, email alerts and product page recommendations are just a few of the most effective […]

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4 Ways to Drive Customer Engagement with Loyalty Programs

Customer engagement is the key to brand loyalty and survival. As more and more loyalty programs being launched every day, it is getting increasingly harder to grab customer attention and drive real involvement. Implement these 4 strategies to help you engage your customers: Focus on Personal Engagement Mass marketing strategies are no longer effective. In […]

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