The Power of Mobile Loyalty Marketing

  • 08 Mar 2017

Mobile loyalty is becoming the new competitive battleground. More and more companies are utilizing mobile loyalty strategy to combine multi-channel promotions, location and analytics. According to loyalty experts, the biggest return on mobile comes from increased customer loyalty and personalization.

If you provide real value and incentives in exchange for customer time, you will most probably drive brand engagement and loyalty. The options are basically endless – reminders, local news, time-based offers, exclusive vouchers and many others.

There are several strategies you can step upon in order to get the best out of your loyalty marketing efforts.

Customer Analytics

Mobile loyalty analytics can tell you a lot about customer preferences by showing you exactly how they interacted with your offers. Messages sent vs opened, organic vs promoted, time since last open and session durations are just a few of the types of data you can collect.

A/B Testing

By using the data collected from loyalty programs, you can easily identify particular customer segments and approach them with different versions of a marketing message to see which one works best for you. A mobile app-enabled loyalty program will show you which type of push notifications deliver higher conversion rates, customer engagement and ROI.


After collecting the data and completing your A/B testing, you can easily adjust your message and target specific loyalty members which demonstrated an interest in your offer, but did not completed the desired action.

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