Complimentary Solutions

Enhance your loyalty program with our complimentary solutions to gain a 360-degree
customer view and build a superior customer experience

Demographic Analysis 

The face recognition technology and in-store marketing analytics enable businesses to classify customers, analyze shopping behaviour and utilize precise customer segmentation.

The solution uses intelligent sensors, which perform face recognition and demographic analysis, including classification by face, age, gender and race detection.

It allows businesses to utilize better customer segmentation, analysis and prediction of customer shopping behaviour.

The data from the demographic analysis can be integrated with existing data available in loyalty programs to get a 360-degree customer view.


Chatbots are transforming the way brands communicate and engage with customers.

Regardless of the size of your business, chatbots can be utilized to build your brand, provide a consistent customer service, and answer customer questions quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, they can be used to increase conversions, streamline the order processing and optimize the overall sales process.

Chatbots can also be used to enhance your loyalty program, grow the relationship with your brand and achieve higher customer engagement and personalization.