4 Ways to Drive Customer Engagement with Loyalty Programs

  • 08 Mar 2017

Customer engagement is the key to brand loyalty and survival. As more and more loyalty programs being launched every day, it is getting increasingly harder to grab customer attention and drive real involvement.

Implement these 4 strategies to help you engage your customers:

  1. Focus on Personal Engagement

Mass marketing strategies are no longer effective. In order to reach your customers and carry your brand message, you should focus on your efforts on creating personalized communications as an integrated part of your marketing strategy. Customer data collected from loyalty programs is an excellent base for effective customer segmentation.

      2. Establish Omni-Channel Communication

Contemporary customers don’t like to be constrained to a single communication channel. Rather, they expect you to have a consistent customer experience strategy with multiple touch points.

3. Implement a Rewards Strategy

As mentioned in our previous post about loyalty rewards, you need to have a clear rewards strategy in order to engage your customers and boost program effectiveness. To summarize, rewards need to be enough to keep customers participating, not too expensive to prevent loyalty to the reward rather than the business, encourage the customer to frequently interact with the program and be able to attract new customers.

4. Offer Real-Time Benefits to Create a Fun Customer Experience

By deploying mobile apps with geolocation technologies, you can provide your customers with relevant promotional offers based on customer location. You can also utilize the beacon technology, enabling you to welcome customers in your store and provide relevant product information on-site.

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