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Why Most Blockchain Loyalty Companies Will Fail

Without careful planning, they’ll become just another loyalty program looking for a home. Over the past 12 months, a number of Blockchain Loyalty companies have launched around the globe with multi-million dollar ICO’s, all promising to ‘disrupt the loyalty industry’. Most of these companies will fail. These Blockchain Loyalty companies all follow a similar model; […]

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How loyalty Is different in a blockchain-enabled world

The history of airline travel was upended back in 1979 when Texas International Airlines introduced the first frequent flyer program. From there, loyalty programs exploded in popularity and are now commonplace across almost every industry. At the heart of a loyalty program lies a few key concepts: For the most avid users, it increases high […]

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Future of Loyalty Programs in Blockchain

Customer loyalty programs are not realizing their full potential due to low client retention and redemption rates, time delays, and high costs. That’s where blockchain comes in. Customer loyalty and engagement can make or break companies, and as such, rewards programs represent strategic investments for all types of organizations. But as they have been growing […]

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How to Keep Your Customers Close to Your Brand

Today’s marketers are facing an interesting challenge: customers want to be valued and understood, but they are still very sensitive when it comes to their data and privacy. Digital marketing tools are the ones which help companies capture this essential customer data and build detailed customer profiles, without being invasive. This allows brands to make […]

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6 Ways Proximity Marketing Will Impact the Shopping Experience

Proximity marketing opens a whole new horizon for in-store experiences. Faced with fierce online competition, more and more retailers are looking to enhance customer in-store experiences. What is Proximity Marketing? Proximity marketing is an innovative approach which uses cellular technology to send marketing messages to mobile devices which are in close proximity to a particular location. By […]

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5 Ways to Re-engage Customers
Before They Defect

There’s a lot of pressure in the business world on making sales and finding new customers. Even though it has been proven that keeping existing customers is much cheaper than acquiring new ones, customer retention still remains a secondary goal. But preventing customer churn is key to improving your revenue. And if your company is […]

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B2B2C Loyalty Programs and Why They Matter

The current situation in the B2B marketplace is becoming increasingly tense, caused by increasing number of competitors, more demanding customers and strong emphasis on budget efficiency.  Managing such short-term challenges and simultaneously maintaining a long-term strategy turns out to be a major challenge for many B2B organizations. As a result of these factors, customer loyalty […]

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4 ways to build your reward strategy

Often the companies who want to adopt a loyalty program don’t know what kind of reward strategy to use.  Loyalty programs generally use one of four mechanisms to reward members. Each reward type offers its own set of benefits: 1. Discounts or cash back – This is the most common mechanics considered as a loyalty […]

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4 Tips For Improving Retail Customer Experience

With increasing competition and saturation in the retail market, providing a truly excellent customer experience has never been more crucial for retailers. According to recent research, 70% of customer churn is caused by poor customer experience. Here are 4 key tricks you can adopt in order to enhance the customer experience and provide value: 1. Emotionalize […]

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Experiences with Beacons

Amazing In-Store Experiences with Beacons

Enhanced shopping experience? Personalized messages on the spot (literally)? Indoor navigation? Yes, beacons can make it happen! What are they? Beacons are small and relatively cheap devices, which can be easily placed anywhere inside a physical space. By using Bluetooth 4.0, beacons detect customer mobile phones and tablets in a range of up to 70 […]

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