4 Ways to Boost Customer Engagement

  • 08 Mar 2017

Having good customer engagement is one of the most critical success factors for every business. If you get your customers engaged with your business, you are most likely to decrease churn rate, generate more revenue with cross and upsales, collect feedback on existing products and effectively communicate new products and services.

  Here are a few steps which can be used to boost customer engagement: Email Marketing  A well-planned marketing campaign in an excellent and cost effective way to keep customers interested and build brand loyalty. The options are endless – monthly newsletters, customer surveys, promotional messages for inactive customers and auto emails from a blog are just a few.   Loyalty Rewards Desirable rewards inevitably result in higher customer engagement. Combined with a reasonable level of attractiveness and affordability, loyalty rewards can turn into a powerful tool for engaging customers and keep them coming back. If you provide real-time benefits, the customer experience is becoming even funnier. The beacon technology, for example, is utilized by an increasing number of retailers to provide personalized incentives, product information and indoor navigation at the moment of shopping.   Social Media Over the last couple of years, social media is constantly changing the way customers interact with brands. The most critical part is to identify the type of social interaction your customers will enjoy most and tap into it to get their attention.   Gamification Last but now least, playing games and having is gaining increasing popularity as means of engaging customers and building brand loyalty. Gamification initiative also provides insights into customer motivation and helps to align business goals with customer interests.
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