How to Keep Your Customers Close to Your Brand

  • 08 Mar 2017

Today’s marketers are facing an interesting challenge: customers want to be valued and understood, but they are still very sensitive when it comes to their data and privacy.

Digital marketing tools are the ones which help companies capture this essential customer data and build detailed customer profiles, without being invasive. This allows brands to make use of customer insights and create targeted, relevant and effective marketing campaigns which drive results.

Here are a few techniques which will help you to create meaningful communications which engage your customers and keep your brand on top of their mind.

1. Focus on shared values

Instead of purely focusing on your product and service offerings, try to design your marketing campaigns around shared values. Customers who have a strong relationship with a brand admit that one of the strongest drivers of brand loyalty are shared values.

So whether your emphasis relates to healthy living, a social cause, or a luxury lifestyle, try connect with customers on a personal level to build a genuine connection.

2. Personalize and be relevant

Personalization is no longer an option, it is a must for building strong relationship with your customers.

After you have gather customer data, use it wisely to design targeted and highly personalized messages. In the ideal scenario, you should be able to segment your customer list and develop specific offers for each of your target audiences to capture their specific interests and needs.

3. Keep it brief

In today’s fast-paced world, long messages not only get ignored, but may even annoy your customers.

A simple and memorable message is much more likely to get read and deliver the results you want. So rather than aiming at long, explanatory texts, think about your core message and try to express with a few simple elements which describe your ideas.

4. Make it easy to get in touch

Be there when your customers need you. Make sure you reply to customer queries on all the channels you have provided, including social media and blogs. For many businesses, social media channels act as a primary contact channel, so don’t ignore them. In fact, social media can act as one of the most powerful indications of what you need to do next.

If there are negative comments, listen to what they say and take action to improve it. Your customers will be grateful.

These are just a few steps which you could take to strengthen the relationship between your brand and your customers. Stay tuned for our next post with even more tips on customer loyalty!