Loyalty Programs in Shopping Malls

  • 05 Feb 2017

The more you shop, the more you get! Sounds exciting, right?

Loyax is one of a king loyalty platform designed specifically to fit the needs of shopping centers and malls. Loyax enables shopping malls to rewards their customers for every interaction they have with the mall – shopping, dining, playing games or watching a movie, your dedicated shoppers get rewarded. And the best thing is, you interact with them independent of any tenants!

Why Loyax? By implementing Loyax, shopping centers and malls will get: Diverse loyalty programs Gift cards, bonus points, visit program, lotteries or vouchers – the choice is yours. Reward your customers with a few simple steps. Comprehensive reporting and analytics

No more random marketing. With Loyax, shopping centers and malls get detailed reporting and analytics about customers buying behaviour – where they shop, what they love, for how long they have been gone. So you can provide personalized offerings based on real customer data.

Omni-channel engagement

Your customers are everywhere. And you should be too. With Loyax, you can reach your customers across multiple channels – mobile, digital, social, and even in-store… How?

Micro-location loyalty marketing

By utilizing the power of beacons, Loyax gives you the exciting opportunity to communicate with customers when in matters most – at the moment of shopping. Based on their location and proximity to a particular store or product, you can send targeted messages with personalized offers. Offers customers can’t resist.

If you got excited about Loyax and its features, contact us to learn how we can help.