5 Tips for Building Customer Loyalty

  • 05 Feb 2017

Focusing on getting new customers might be tempting, but if your goal is to build long-term relationships and stable profitability, then you certainly need to put some efforts towards building customer loyalty. It will definitely pay off.

Here are a few tips for building customer loyalty you might want to consider:

1. Communicate regularly

The ability to communicate with customers in a timely and relevant manner is key for developing meaningful relationships.

However, keeping the balance between providing relevant communication and being too “big brother” might be tricky. Rather than bombarding customers with tons of information about your brand, try to provide targeted information adapted to customer needs.

And don’t forget to be omnichannel and reach your customers across different channels – simply email is not enough. Tap into all possible channels – social, digital, mobile, and even in-store.

2. Keep it personal

Customers stick to brands that undertake a personal approach. If you know your customers and provide relevant offers and customized communications, they are much more likely to stay with you in the future.

Targeted communications have become an essential part of many loyalty programs. So even if you rely on marketing automation, make it customized.

3. Remember special occasions

That’s the next step in keeping it personal. Birthday cards, anniversary greetings and holiday campaigns are an excellent way to show you care. Free gifts or exclusive discounts are even better. Even with a small budget, you can create a strong impression and make customers feel special.

4. Surpass customer expectations and be flexible

Delivering more than customers expect is one of the most powerful ways to create customer loyalty. Don’t just try to meet customer expectations. Go beyond that and create a “wow experience”.

If your customers had a negative experience, you can offer a free gift, coupon or other complimentary incentive to mitigate the bad impression. Similarly, if they made a significant purchase or a positive contribution towards your brand, reward them for being loyal by offering something above what they expect.

5. Consider the entire customer experience

The “wow effect”, however, does not come solely from customer recognition and loyalty rewards. There is a whole bunch of details which make up the big picture – customer service, product variety and design, store atmosphere, employee appearance, and many others.

And remember – small details can make a big difference.