Core Loyalty Platform

Core Loyalty Platform

Off-the-shelf Plus Custom Loyalty Programs and Tools

Loyax is a loyalty management platform that supports multiple ready-to-go features and back office tools, but is as well greatly customizable to accommodate any innovative concept of your business model or demographic specifics. While maintaining support for its core advanced data warehousing, reporting and interactive social media connectivity, within Loyax can be implemented additionally:

  • Custom Loyalty Programs
  • Custom Cardholder Mobile Or Social Media Apps
  • Custom Reporting and Consumer Behavior Analytics
  • API Interface Support For Integration with 3rd Party Systems

Loyax loyalty platform is available both as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS / Cloud-based Solution) or as Standalone (private) instance.

Loyalty Programs

Loyax enables enterprises to build their own loyalty program depending on the specifics of their business. Our platform provides easy implementation and effective management of diverse and attractive loyalty programs. Customers can choose between Bonus program, Visit program, Lottery, Vouchers and Gift cards that can be customized according to the customer's specific requirements.

Bonus program

The Bonus program enables visitors to collect loyalty points for a particular amount spent at your venue. You define the rewards that can be redeemed for a set number of points.

Gift cards

Gift cards are one of the most valued rewards by customers. They are a great way to encourage repeat purchases and drive customer satisfaction. Gift cards can be used to reward customers for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries. You can deliver them along with personalized messages to create a fully unique experience.

Visit program

The Visit program counts customers' visits at your venues. Points are earned by scanning the QR / Barcode on the in-store tablet at every customer visit and the owner offers a reward after a set number of visits.


Retailers have the opportunity to utilize Lottery as part of their loyalty program. With a single click via the administrative portal you can draw a prize lottery with all customers who have registered for the program on different criteria - visited a venue within certain period of time and/or made a purchase. One of them (or more, if needed) is randomly selected to win the lottery prize and would receive an automatic SMS/e-mail to contact your representatives and claim the prize(s).


Loyax enables businesses to generate Voucher/Promo codes via the administrative portal of Loyax. Those codes can be used for specific occasions or on specific goods, such as discounts of the price of particular items. Customers who have participated in the voucher code promo can claim the discount from your representatives and be validated interactively.

Bonus Program Gift Cards Visit Programs (Punch) Lottery Vouchers / Promo Codes

Cross-Point Exchange (Business Alliance)

Loyax provides the opportunity for Cross-point exchange between two or more businesses. The cross-point exchange is especially suitable for group of companies that want to introduce a centralized loyalty program for all companies, part of the group. In this way, customers can collect points and exchange them for rewards in each of the businesses, part of the group.

The cross-point exchange is also valuable for independent companies that can form a partner network and introduce a loyalty program within their network. In this way customers can exchange the points they have collected from one participating business and exchange them for rewards in another business from the partner network. To utilize cross-point exchange, independent companies have to negotiate and settle the financial relationships between them. Loyax can help in this process by providing an option for clearing reports. Such reports are very useful for defining the point conversion ratio and helping businesses to settle the obligations they have to one another.

Loyax cross-point exchange is applicable for at least two businesses but there is no limitation for the maximum number of businesses that can participate in the program.

Cross-Point Exchange

Customer Loyalty Cards and Mobile App

Customer Loyalty Cards and Mobile App

Loyax is a new generation loyalty platform that accepts all existing loyalty cards. It enables customers to collect purchase points from different merchants in only one card. Beside from the physical card, customers can download the Loyax mobile application and use it to collect points, see their purchase history and check all the rewards waiting for them.

In order to start using Loyax, customers need to:

  • Have a loyalty card or download the Loyax mobile app
  • Register an account online or via the Loyax mobile app, providing their personal data
  • Customers can also be assisted in their registration by a representative of the business who can help them in the registration process or register them on their behalf

Once registered, customers can start collecting points at any visit or purchase, simply by scanning the Barcode or QR code of their loyalty cards or using the mobile app. Customers can also check their total visits or collected points online. The more points they collect, the closer they get to amazing loyalty rewards.

POS Service Delivery

POS Service Delivery in action
POS Service Delivery

Stand-alone solution – the tablet camera scans the barcode or reads the QR code in order to identify the Loyax user. The amount of purchase is entered by the shop assistant. This solution is suitable for a single shop, outdoor/remote site or to manage a promotional campaign, helping a member of staff to collect data easily.


You can have any standard PC/Mac at your cashier/Point of Sale to manage your customer loyalty programs. Loyax web services, user friendly interface and easy registration, enable vendors to immediately start an own loyalty program in a few clicks.

Automated data extraction

Businesses can streamline the process of extracting information from the customer receipts using a barcode reader and an OCR receipt scanner apart from the POS device.The data are taken out automatically from the receipts – the store, the amount, the date and time of the purchase. The information is saved into the system and the points are added to the customer account.

POS System Integration

Loyax platform can be integrated with existing POS software, in order to complement the vendor's system with its advanced loyalty features. The integration is suitable for chain stores, or multiple venue networks, which have already used some kind of POS or ERP software.

Customer Registration

Customer Registration

Collecting Customer Data
(Customer Registration)

Customer registration is possible via:

  • Customer Web Portal (self-registration)
  • Customer Mobile Application for Android and iOS (self-registration)
  • Merchant Mobile Application for Android and iPad (registration by the business)
  • Merchant Desktop Application (registration by the business)
  • Merchant Administrative Web Portal (registration by the business)
  • Integration with a CRM system

Rewards Management

Online Rewards Catalogue

You can offer customers the opportunity to choose their loyalty rewards from an online rewards catalogue, combining rewards from different categories of your choice. Each reward from the online catalogue is worth a certain amount of loyalty points. Customers can see the amount of loyalty points they have accumulated and the available rewards which they can redeem with the points they have already collected. They can also see the rewards which require higher amount of points, stimulating them to spend more in order to get the desired loyalty reward quicker.

After selecting the loyalty reward from the online catalogue, customers get it delivered directly to their door, without any additional effort. Integration with courier services is available as well, streamlining the whole process.

Info Desk

Alternatively, you can distribute your loyalty rewards through an Info Desk, where an employee scans customer's loyalty card or mobile app, as well as collected receipts, gathering information about store location, amount, date and time of a purchase. This information is immediately saved into Loyax system and the corresponding points are added to the customer account. The employee notifies the customer which reward he can get by redeeming his points and encourages him to continue shopping in order to get a bigger reward.

Rewards Management

Communication Channels

Communication Channels

Loyal customers deserve special attention. Loyax enables you to create automated, yet personal communication messages based on real customer data. Thus, you can achieve higher open rates, greater customer engagement and ROI.

E-mail campaigns

Loyax provides powerful reporting and analytics, allowing you to create well targeted, highly effective email loyalty campaigns. You can utilize the power of email, combining segmentation and targeting with automated messaging, based on customer profiles and spending habits. You can send redemption reminders, event driven messages, notifications on early on exclusive deals, and many others.

SMS/ Text messages

With Loyax, you can also build mobile customer loyalty campaigns, reaching on-the-go customers. You can easily send real-time alerts and deliver short, quick and personalized messages that drive strong customer engagement.

Push Notifications

Push notifications take mobile messaging to the next level. Loyax enables you to generate push notifications which are sent directly to customers' mobile devices from Loyax mobile loyalty app even when the app isn't in use. You can also send geo-based push notifications, delivering special offers based on customers' location. Thus, you keep customers informed and connected, delivering compelling content that matters to them.


To be truly omni-channel, we provide customers the opportunity to register and sign into Loyax using their Facebook account. Thus, you get access to their Facebook profile, targeting them directly through their favourite social media.

LBS and In-Store Promotions

Location-based Communications
(Push Notifications)

Loyax in-store communication feature is a cost effective and easy to implement indoor proximity solution that enables retailers to engage with their consumers in a highly relevant and consistent manner. It precisely targets customers in a range of 50-100m away from a Bluetooth Location Tag Beacon, allowing retailers to push personalized promo and call-to-action messages, based on visits and purchases analytics by Loyax platform.

Loyax platform uses Bluetooth Smart Beacons, supported by iBeacon from Apple and any other Bluetooth 4.0-capable Android and Windows smartphones, to extend the effectiveness of mobile strategies by adding real-time context to offers and services and engage customers in the right way at the right time.

In-store Navigation (Beacons)

Location-based messaging to customer smartphones via Bluetooth Smart Beacons also provides the opportunity to directly navigate customers with great precision without GPS technology, which often is not present or inadequate indoors. The LBS advertising offers an exciting opportunity to instantly reach and navigate visitors of big retail venues, including malls, shopping centers, stores, and others, and let them know about the best daily deals, providing them with special digital coupons and many personalized incentives.

LBS and In-Store Promotions

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Retailers would love to know their customers. They try to capture any meaningful data in order to exploit this information for better consumer segmentation and gaining deeper consumer insights. Segmentation is a method used to categorise customers into groups that have similar traits. Segments can be based on almost anything – age, gender, email behaviour or spending habits. Using segmentation allows for a greater level of targeting and consequently more relevant marketing to customers, improving the customer experience with a brand or company.

Consumer insights can help brands and businesses to understand changing consumer behaviour, tap emerging markets and behavioural trends and effectively communicate with customers through their preferred communication channels. It is all about better engagement and building long-lasting relationship between brands, companies, communities and customers.

Loyax analytical and reporting features provide merchants with following reports:

  • Basic statistics
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Data enhancement

API Programming Interface

Integration- and Customization-Friendly Loyalty Platform

Loyax loyalty management platform is designed to be flexible for implementation of customer specific features as well as be easily integrated with other 3rd party's tools like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, newsletter mailing platforms or other sales and marketing tools, already in place or to be implemented in the near future. Therefore Loyax provides industry-standard interfaces in order to communicate all the necessary data and events via:

  • WSDL (Web Service Definition Language), an XML-based interface description of functionalities available from Loyax Web Service to our customers
  • Support for SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) protocol for exchange of structured information with 3rd party systems
  • Support for RESTful (Representational State Transfer) protocol for stateless interaction with Loyax by 3rd party systems
  • We also offer development of custom SOAP methods for your specific needs

If you have specific software requirements or technical questions, do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to get back to you.

API Programming Interface

Payment System Integration

Payment System Integration

Loyax can offer integration with a mobile payment system. This feature allows customers to use their mobile phones and enjoy a better shopping experience.

Mobile POS solutions enable retailers to process payments anywhere with any card type, including debit, credit, loyalty and gift cards. In addition, Payment System Integration have proven to be particularly effective in closing the sale during peak shopping periods when customers are more likely than usual to walk away empty-handed if the waiting time proves to be too long. They free up a precious retail space that would be otherwise taken up by fixed sales counters and assist sales staff to engage with customers in a more personal manner.

The retailers and independent shops will benefit from all-in-one integrated loyalty and customer engagement platform because consumers evolve their shopping behaviours and expectations. Therefore, retailers are experimenting with different approaches, technologies and channels in order to deliver not just merchandise, but their brand promise as well.