Loyalty Programs

Bonus Programs

Award loyalty points for a specific amount spent at your business.

This is an excellent way to increase customer spend and drive repeat purchases.

Visit Programs

Visit N times, get a reward.

This loyalty program awards loyalty points based on the number of a times a customer visits your business location.

It is suitable for businesses with relatively stable product/service prices looking to increase customer visits.

Tiered Programs

Tiered loyalty programs segment customers into different levels (e.g. Silver, Gold, Platinum), each bringing different amount of loyalty points and rewards.

As customers move up to a higher level, so does the level of benefits.

Spend Program
Visit Programs

Tiered Programs
Referral Program

Coalition Programs

Referral Programs

Refer to earn.

Referral programs reward customers for promoting your business.

By sharing special invite links or promo codes via email or social media, your customers can invite their friends and get rewarded for every successful referral.

This is an excellent way to gain new customers and promote your business.

Coalition Programs (Cross-point Exchange)

Earn Here, Reward There.

Coalition loyalty programs allow two or more businesses to form a group and offer a single customer loyalty program. Customers can earn and redeem loyalty points in any of the participating businesses.

This allows businesses to get access to a large customer database and offer a variety of customer benefits.

The cross-point exchange could also be used on a single business level for businesses with multiple locations.

Omni-channel Communication

Loyal customers deserve special attention.

Loyax enables you to create highly targeted and personalized messages based on real customer data, helping you to achieve greater customer engagement, higher open rates and ROI.

Loyalty Email Marketing

By using customer data collected from Loyax loyalty platform, you can create relevant, personalized and engaging email marketing campaigns which increase loyalty program use, drive repeat business and deepen customer loyalty.

You can send exclusive loyalty offers, redemption reminders, event driven messages, and many others.

Mobile Loyalty Marketing

Mobile marketing takes loyalty programs to the next level. With Loyax, you can easily generate short, quick and personalized mobile messages to deliver your offers right into the customer hands.

The platform enables you to send SMS messages and push notifications.

Loyalty Email Marketing
Mobile Loyalty Marketing
Social Loyalty Marketing
Indoor Loyalty Marketing

Social Loyalty Marketing

Adding a social component to your loyalty program is another communication option offered by Loyax. The platform enables customers to log into the system by using a social media identity they already have, enabling you to reach your customers through their favourite social channel.

Indoor Loyalty Marketing (Beacons)

Loyax loyalty platform features the latest beacon technology for micro-location loyalty marketing, enabling marketers to send personalized messages to customer mobile phones which are in close proximity to a particular store or product. Thus, you can engage customers on their path to purchase, send them personalized welcome messages, introduce new items, exclusive in-store offers, product insights and many others.

Reporting and Analytics

When it comes to loyalty programs, gathering customer data is one of the most important factors for success.

Loyax loyalty platform provides a variety of reports helping businesses to understand their audiences and create better customer experiences.

The system provides access to:

  • Demographic statistics
  • Customer behaviour reports
  • Campaign/Program effectiveness
  • Comparison reports
  • Custom reports
Reporting and Analytics

Customer Loyalty Cards and Mobile App

Customer Loyalty Cards and Mobile App

In addition to the classic loyalty card, customers can download a branded mobile app to keep track of their purchase history, accumulate loyalty points, see available rewards and receive special offers. Once registered into the system, customers can start collecting points at their favorite places, simply by scanning the barcode or QR code of their loyalty card or mobile app.

Both the loyalty cards and the mobile app can be fully white labeled for a unique brand experience.

Loyalty Rewards

You can choose between several different ways to offer loyalty rewards for your customers.

Online rewards catalogue

Online reward catalogues include various rewards organized into different categories.

Each reward from the online catalogue is worth a certain amount of loyalty points. Customers can check their points balance and the available rewards they can get.

They can also see the rewards which require more loyalty points, stimulating them to collect even more in order to get the desired loyalty reward.

Info Desk / Rewards Center

Alternatively, you can distribute your loyalty rewards through an Info Desk/Rewards Center, where an employee scans customer's loyalty card or mobile app, as well as collected receipts, gathering information about store location, amount, date and time of a purchase. This information is immediately saved into Loyax system and the corresponding points are added to the customer account. The employee notifies the customer which reward he can get by redeeming his points and encourages him to continue shopping in order to get a bigger reward.

Online rewards catalogue

Info Desk / Rewards Center
Gift cards

Promo codes

Gift cards

Gift cards are one of the most valued rewards by customers. They are a great way to encourage repeat purchases and drive customer satisfaction.

After accumulating a certain amount of points, customers can choose to redeem them for a gift card or continue shopping for bigger rewards.

Gift cards can also be used to reward customers for special occasions, such as birthdays or anniversaries. You can deliver them along with personalized messages to create a truly unique experience.

Promo codes

Promo codes are another great way to engage customers. The system allows you to easily generate different promotional codes and use them to promote new products, increase customer satisfaction and drive more sales.

Customer Database

Customers can be registered into the system via:

  • Customer mobile app (self-registration)
  • Customer web portal (self-registration)
  • Merchant mobile app
  • Merchant desktop application
  • Merchant administrative web portal
  • Integration with a CRM system
Customer Registration

POS Service Delivery

POS Service Delivery in action
POS Service Delivery

Loyax can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrate with other business applications to streamline the processes and fit your specific business needs.

Stand-alone Solution

Tablet Installation

The tablet camera scans the QR code from the loyalty card or mobile app in order to identify the customer. The loyalty points are entered by the shop assistant.

This stand-alone solution is characterized with a quick setup and ease of use.

Desktop PC/Laptop Installation

Loyax loyalty system can also run on a desktop PC or laptop. In this case, an additional barcode reader is required to scan the customer loyalty cards and mobile app.

Automated Data Extraction

This options allows businesses to streamline the process of data extraction from customer receipts by using an additional receipt scanner apart from the POS device. The data is automatically extracted from the receipts by using an OCR technology, including store, amount, date and time of a purchase. The information is saved into the system and the points can be either automatically added to the customer account or verified additionally by a back office employee.

Integrated Solution

Loyax is an API-based solution which can be integrated with existing software systems in order to complement the vendor's system with its advanced loyalty features.

Supported systems include:

  • Payment systems
  • POS systems
  • CRM systems
  • Online stores
  • ERP systems
  • Mobile apps
  • Other custom solutions

Loyax provides industry-standard interfaces in order to communicate all the necessary data and events via:

  • WSDL (Web Service Definition Language), an XML-based interface description of functionalities available from Loyax Web Service to our customers
  • Support for SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) protocol for exchange of structured information with 3rd party systems
  • Support for RESTful (Representational State Transfer) protocol for stateless interaction with Loyax by 3rd party systems