Winner in "Business Development" Category

Forbes Business Awards (2012)


Galleria Loyalty Club*
Ranked 6th in "Loyalty or Rewards Program" Category

The Loyalty 360 Awards (2015)

* Galleria Loyalty Club is a white label solution powered by Loyax

Discover Numerous Business Benefits.

One Solution. Multiple Advantages.

Retain Existing Customers.

Loyal customers spend twice as much as irregular shoppers. Why miss that?

Attract New Ones.

Offer personalized rewards customers can't resist.

Build Relationships.

Long-lasting customer relationships have never been more important. Build trust and delight customers with a unique experience.

Increase Sales.

Stand out from the crowd. Encourage repeat visits. And raise your profit.

Get to Know Your Customers.

Dive into consumer spending habits and offer valuable customized rewards unbeaten by competitors.

Reduce Marketing and Advertising Costs.

Why spend your money on expensive and untargeted advertising which never really works? We have everything you need to deliver relevant and effective messages which drive results.

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